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Cozy Up Your Kitchen This Fall with Capable by Design

Cozy Up Your Kitchen This Fall with Capable by Design

Cozy Up Your Kitchen This Fall with Capable by Design

Hey there, lovelies! Fall is in full swing, and it's time to bring some of that cozy, crisp magic into the heart of your home—your kitchen. Today, let's dive into some simple yet impactful ways to add seasonal charm to your kitchen, featuring none other than Capable by Design’s treasures. 🍂💕

1. Revamp Your Linens

Start with the essentials: your kitchen towels.

  • Product Spotlight: Switch out your everyday towels for our whimsical pina-colada and margarita designs, or go for our autumn-themed towels. Place them on a chic tabletop towel holder for a touch of elegance.

fall leaves towel

2. Adorn That Counter

Make the most of your counter space with decor that serves a purpose.

  • Product Spotlight: Elevate your kitchen with one of our unique charcuterie boards and matching towels, styled with mini pumpkins, autumn leaves, or seasonal fruits like apples and pears.

artichoke cutting board and matching towel

3. Cozy Corners

Create a cozy reading or coffee corner in your kitchen.

  • Product Spotlight: Add one of our charming pillows to a corner chair, setting the scene for those moments when you sip your pumpkin spice latte and catch up on your fall reading.

fall vibes and hay rides pillow

4. Seasonal Centerpiece

A centerpiece can set the tone for the entire room.

  • Product Spotlight: Why not use another one of our charcuterie boards as a base for a festive centerpiece? Add candles, autumn leaves, and maybe a pumpkin or two for that extra touch.

hello gourdeous cutting board

5. Tabletop Elegance

Bring out that autumn vibe right on your kitchen table.

  • Product Spotlight: Our charming hand towels aren't just for wiping your hands—display them elegantly on a tabletop towel holder as a unique seasonal accent.

fall leaves towel

So, are you ready to welcome fall into your kitchen? I bet your space is going to look as warm and inviting as a cinnamon-spiced hug! 🍁🧡
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